Braces For Adults in Hamilton, ON

It’s never too late to have a healthy beautiful smile!

You may think that orthodontic treatment is just for kids and teens, but you’d be wrong! Dr. Natalie Gaik provides orthodontic care to patients of all ages—including adults! Our small, boutique Hamilton orthodontic office is full of people who want to get to know you and make your orthodontic experience a positive, stress-free one.

Why braces?

Having straight teeth as an adult is beneficial for many reasons. Not only will a beautiful smile improve your confidence, but straight teeth can also improve your periodontal health, as they’re easier to keep clean.

Adults seek out orthodontic treatment for different reasons than teenagers. Maybe the cost of braces made them unavailable to you when you were younger. Maybe you did have braces as a teen, but your teeth shifted out of alignment over the years. Or, maybe you need braces so your general dentist can restore your bite with bridges or implants. Whatever your reason, getting braces at Dr. Gaik Orthodontics is an investment in which you can feel confident.

Types of Treatment

As an adult in a very aesthetic-oriented society, you may be wondering if you’ll need to spend the next few years in bulky metal braces. The good news is that you don’t! Dr. Gaik offers several cosmetic treatment options, including clear braces and Invisalign® aligners, which are less visible. Invisalign also requires fewer office visits, which is great if you are a busy professional. We work with you to choose the right appliance that conforms to your lifestyle.

If you are an adult and are unhappy with your smile, don’t hesitate to contact our Hamilton orthodontic office to schedule an appointment with Dr. Gaik and our team. We can help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted!

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