Types of Braces In Hamilton, ON

Dr. Gaik Orthodontics provides self-ligating braces, clear braces, and clear aligners to help patients achieve beautiful, lasting smiles. Our competitive fees, flexible payment options, and great location at Limeridge Mall are what bring patients in, but our commitment to personalized attention is what makes them stay!

Self-Ligating Braces

Dr. Gaik and our team use SPEED Braces™, a technologically advanced method of tooth movement that moves teeth faster and completes treatment sooner. SPEED Braces do not use elastics to hold the wire in place; rather, the wire is held in place by tiny clips on each bracket. They are also much more comfortable than traditional metal braces, and their small size makes it much easier to keep teeth clean. Patients who choose SPEED Braces average 18 to 24 months in treatment depending on the severity of each case. They also need to visit our Hamilton orthodontic office once every four to six weeks so Dr. Gaik can assess their progress.

Clear Braces

For patients who are concerned about the aesthetics of metal braces, we offer traditional or self-ligating clear braces. Clear brackets are made of a translucent, tooth-colored material instead of metal. Clear braces may be more brittle than their metal counterparts, making them more appropriate for our adult patients. Depending on the severity of each case, patients with clear braces can expect treatment to take between 18 and 24 months, and to visit Dr. Gaik’s office every four to six weeks for adjustments.

Clear Aligners

Dr. Gaik uses Invisalign® clear aligners for patients who don’t want traditional bracket and wire orthodontic treatment. Invisalign uses state-of-the-art computerized orthodontics to guide teeth into their correct positions using a series of clear, removable aligners. Treatment length with clear aligners can be shorter than traditional braces—18 to 24 months—depending on each patient’s unique needs. Patients who choose clear aligners only need to visit our Hamilton orthodontic office once every 12 weeks to receive new aligners and for Dr. Gaik to monitor progress, making them perfect for individuals with busy schedules.

Dr. Gaik is a preferred Invisalign provider, which means that she has over 100 lifetime cases and 50 cases for 2017.

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